MY SOLILOQUY “The Interpreter”

“The Interpreter”
For some strange reason I get a feeling that I’ve heard of this band even before I’ve heard anything by them. I must have read about them somewhere. Don’t know where though. But judging from my memory this promises to be some really good prog metal. Not being a musician my biggest issue with this kind of metal is that I don’t know where they are coming from and where they are heading. All I can do is listen for the emotions in the music and act from that alone. And I like the feel that there is in the music. I like it when the music allows for the instruments to work and not being drowned in a lot of vocals. I like it when the music take me on a journey to places that I’ve never been to. And I feel that “The Interpreter” does just that; take me to places that I haven’t visited before. Anders Ekdahl

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