MY TIN APPLE “The Crow’s Lullaby”

”The Crow’s Lullaby”
I wouldn’t want to take a bite from that apple. I do not have a particular great taste for tin. MY TIN APPLE might seem like an odd name for a band but once you got a taste for the name it is actually a rather cool one. When an album starts with something that is reminiscent of Native America I pay extra attention. I like the whole mythology that surrounds these old cultures and the way that they told stories. If MY TIN APPLE can keep that spirit going for a whole album then this might very well turn into one of 2013’s great albums. And as it continues there is that shamanic atmosphere to the album that I had hoped for. This one turned out to be quite a gem. Much better than I had expected. I don’t really know how to describe their metal but it is very emotional and expressive. Not that that says too much really. You better check it out yourself. Anders Ekdahl

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