Myland “Light Of A New Day”

“Light Of A New Day”
(Point Music)
Italian Myland might be on their third album but it’s my first meeting with the band. I might not get to hear that much hardrock today as I did back in the 80s but there’s still a special place in my heart for a good hardrock album any day of the week. “Light Of A New Day” made me think of the first time I heard Bon Jovi and the feelings that brought on. As a young impressionable boy Bon Jovi stood for the glamorous and bright American life. It was an escape from ordinary, boring school life. As a grown-up I’m not that impressionable but I still get that feel-good lump in my stomach when I hear a new hardrock/AOR album that makes me think back to those days. And good is just what “Light Of A New Day” is. This is just what the doctor ordered. Up-tempo, go-happy hardrock that only brings promises of better times with it. Anders Ekdahl

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