Myrath – “Live In Carthage”

Myrath – “Live In Carthage” CD / DVD (earMusic)

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Oh wow, get ready to hear a crowd roar like none ever before! Recorded and filmed in a mega concert held inside the world famous Roman amphitheater in the ancient city of Carthage, Tunisia, the setting couldn’t be anymore breathtaking for Myrath’s first ever live album in their promising career. 2019 was a big year for this Tunisian metal band, releasing their brand new studio album “Shehili” and wowing audiences at Sweden Rock and Wacken Open Air. This collection of 19 live songs couldn’t be any more fitting to showcase the ‘oriental metal’ of the band’s stunning – and unique – sound combining traditional Arabic rhythms, Tunisian folkloric melodies and modern melodic metal into something truly exotic. But wait, even before you get to all of this the opening offering is actually a very special studio recording of the most popular Myrath anthem ‘Believer’ with none other than legendary keyboardist Don Airey (Rainbow, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, ELO, Gary Moore, Wishbone Ash etc etc) whose prominent organ sound blends beautifully with the flowing Arabic melodies and epic choirs to make this East-meets-West collaboration truly magical. Well, it’s all hugely melodic while being ever so powerfully alluring on “Live In Carthage”- but that’s just for starters! With the hungry crowd roaring ‘..Myrath! Myrath!! Myrath!!!..’ like they were back in the 1st century AD, ‘Dance’ does precisely that, spinning a web of seductive and flowing Arabic melodies that has the crowd utterly possessed (as I am) and chanting for more, beckoned by Zaher Zorgati’s charming and passionate vocals. Fueling the fire with something heavier in ‘Wideshut’, its a stellar blend of hard drums, epic soaring vocals from Zorgati, and some truly amazing work from Anis Jouini’s slapping bass, Malek Ben Arbia’s virtuoso guitar work and the tantalizing prog keys of Elyes Bouchoucha all dancing in and around more seductive Arabic melodies and rhythms. Absolutely captivating, it’s not just that Myrath have combined two different styles of music, but actually fused them together without detracting from either that truly makes this band so appealing! To a tumultuous wave of applause comes ‘Endure The Silence’, with its overflowing soul that is so enchanting thanks to those Arabic melodies and Zorgati’s matching wails and soulful highs, that the crowd sing in unison with the band in an utterly moving experience that is simply unforgettable. Indeed, as the mesmerizing blend of prog technicality in the keys and guitars is driven by the Arabic melodies on ‘The Unburnt’, the crowd chants for more and more as the flowing splendor exudes soul and sophistication in immeasurable quantities, utterly possessing you in every regard thanks to the impressive musicianship from this wondrous band. To the uninitiated, Myrath means ‘legacy’ in Arabic, and on the strength of this amazing live release, they have truly left one!

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