MYRHOLT ”Med Samme Nål, Under Samme Måne”

”Med Samme Nål, Under Samme Måne”

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Norwegian black metal is nothing new. Yet I feel some excitement whenever I do find a band/project that I am not familiar with. I have had some really cool moments with Norwegian black metal over the years. And I hope to have some more in the years to come. MYRHOLT (which is the surname of the sole member) brings back memories of bands I have heard in the past. Some I can name and some I can’t. The music has a feel of nature to it. Being Swedish I can relate to the music based on my own experiences. So whenever I hear black metal like this I almost immediately start thing of “In the Hall of the Mountain King”. Or the illustrations of Swedish artist John Bauer. I think of trolls and fairies and stuff like that. My imagination races off on not before walked on trails. Anders Ekdahl

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