MYRKGRAV “Takk og farvel; Tida er blitt ei annen”

“Takk og farvel; Tida er blitt ei annen”

Battle Helm Rating

This is MYRKGRAV’s swansong album. I don’t know why I haven’t reviewed it before but as they say better late than never. This is in essence a follow up to the 2006 album as well as a final farewell. Some things has to come to an end and so has MYRKGRAV. This is folk metal the Norwegian way. And since Norwegian and Swedish folk music has very much in common, especially in the landscapes that borders Norway there are things in this that triggers my memories of Swedish folk music. Not that I am a connoisseur of any sorts. As much as this is a sad departure it is also a great celebration of all the things that made MYRKGRAV so great. And as much as I will miss there not being any new records as much do I rejoice in the fact that the music will live on forever. Anders Ekdahl

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