MYSTERY ”Lies And Butterflies”

”Lies And Butterflies”
(Unicorn Digital)

Battle Helm Rating

I guess that you all have heard the news that Rush are calling it a day soon. I am not the greatest Rush fan in the world but I do enjoy some of their recorded works. But just because they have come to the end of the road doesn’t mean that the Canadian progressive rock/hardrock is a thing of the past. With bands like MYSTERY releasing albums it will keep living on. I have been in contact with this band’s catalogue in the past and I have always liked what I have heard. This time is no different. This is what I consider progressive rock to be all about. There is that dreamy feel to it, they go from soft to hard and back to soft and then back to hard within the realm of a single song. It is like being taken on different journeys in each song. And that I like. I like it when music can take me on wild trips in my head. This is a really cool MYSTERY album. Anders Ekdahl

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