MYSTERY ”Second Home”

”Second Home”

Battle Helm Rating

I chose to review this live 2CD/DVD simply because I have previously had very nice experiences with Unicorn artists. I have no idea what MYSTERY sounds like and even if I’ll like it. I just go with my gut feeling on this one. What I do know to expect is for this to be progressive. I do not know how progressive this will be. But it does start on a very good note with a distorted guitar, so that can’t be bad can it? MYSTERY follows in a fine Canadian tradition of prog rock set by bands like Rush and Saga. I am not the greatest aficionado of prog rock. Too often it gets too technical for me and it dribbles me off but this I like. It brings back memories of me listening to Pallas second album in the 80s. Or listening to The Flower Kings in the present. And since they are Canadian I do hear a touch of Rush too. But the overall feeling is that this is a really cool live album and a great starting point for me to dig deeper into the universe that is MYSTERY. Anders Ekdahl

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