MYSTIC PRIESTESS “Part Time Punks Sessions”

“Part Time Punks Sessions”

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When something like MYSTIC PRIESTESS come my way I realize that I don’t get sent enough deathrock/anarcho punk stuff. I like old deathrock stuff like Bauhaus and Joy Division but I cannot really say that I have any greater knowledge of present day deathrock or anarcho punk. So it is with some pleasure that I take this one on just to get to know it better. And I gotta say that for most part I like what I hear. I get the vibe from stuff like Christian Death when I listen to this. Top that off with a punkish approach and you get an idea what this is about. Yet I do feel a bit disappointed. At times I feel that this is too simple, too minimalistic for my taste. I like my melancholia to be grander than grand. This one feels at times like it is just scraping the top. Perhaps I just need to give this time to grow on me. Anders Ekdahl

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