MYSTIC PROPHECY ”Monuments Uncovered”

”Monuments Uncovered”

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I am not much for cover albums. But I gotta say that I was massively impressed by what Exit Eden do. That one took me a while to realize that it was actually a cover album. Not so much this time. From the first note I totally got the album title. Starting with a Kim Wilde track kinda set the tone for this album by MYSTIC PROPHECY. And then to follow that one with a Donna Summer track pretty much painted the whole picture. But it is not all 80s pop/disco that is being covered on this album. Throw in some CCR, Billy Idol and Lenny Kravitz and you get a pretty good cross section of the past. As a fun thing this works but I would have taken an all new MYSTIC PROPHECY album (and not just one track) every day of the week. Anders Ekdahl

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