MYTHERY “The Awakening Of The Beast”

“The Awakening Of The Beast”
I have a very special relationship to Danish metal. I guess it comes from living 20 minutes with a ferry from Denmark, growing up with Danish TV and getting hooked on Danish metal early on. And even though it has been quiet for a long time the Danish metal scene does and has existed all along. I don’t know what it is about violins in metal but I just love it. I guess it is because it adds an edge of melancholy to the sound. MYTHERY are new to me. I have not heard of them before but this album really impressed me. There is a blue feeling to the songs. Like it is the preceding before the storm. But that is the feeling I like. Which is why I love My Dying Bride (no comparisons being made musically). I like what I hear on this album. A pretty cool prog metal/rock album from this promising Danish act. Hygge all the way. Anders Ekdahl

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