(Cyclone Empire)
Brazilian Mythological Cold Tower is one of these bands that I know of but never have heard a full album by. I might have come upon the odd tune here or there but never a whole album. Having been around for as long as they have there is a bit of a cult surrounding them by now. As this is my first complete encounter with them I do have some expectations on what to expect. I knew it would be all doom’n’gloom but I had no idea to what degree. Would it be all My Dying Bride doom or more along the lines of Novembers Doom’s gloom or more modern like Katatonia’s melancholia. The truth be told Mythological Cold Tower is like a cross between My Dying Bride, Novembers Doom and Katatonia, or more accurately along the lines of these bands crossed. You get the gloom’n’doom’n’melancholia all wrapped up in one nicely packaged album. If you think Brazil is all Copacabana and tiny bikinis look elsewhere. This is as dark as it gets in the Favelas. Anders

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