NABERUS “Hollow”

(Eclipse Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I can honestly say that I have very little clue as to where this Australian band are coming from. They seem to mix a number of different styles of metal on this album I can hear melodic death metal, metalcore but also a bit of rap metal. in theory I am open for everything and all. But if it sucks majorly then I abandon the ship quicker than the rats. Thankfully this is not bad at all. In fact this is really good. Not the stuff I listen to overabundantly but if it comes my way I don’t kick it out of bed. As I am not at all familiar with the present day modern metal bands all I can do is enjoy this for what it is, and that is a blood nice album. I like the fact that there are melodies to dig along to, and not just break beats stacked high. Anders Ekdahl

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