Nachtblut – “Chimonas”


Nachtblut – “Chimonas” (Napalm Records)

The latest export from Germany causing quite a stir, Nachtblut are essentially a darker, more amped up – and naturally more Germanic – version of that olde English melodic black metal band, Cradle Of Filth. Preferring to call themselves dark metal, I can certainly agree with that as they blend in more goth fetish elements along with powerful folk melodies in hugely catchy songs like ‘Gotteskrieger’ and ‘Märchen‘. Umlauts abound, founder and social antagonist Askeroth mixes Dani Filth cat screeching with beastly growls and Bauhaus baritones while electro keyboardist Lymania tantalizes with delicate harpsichord melodies in this suave Germanic mix. Still, the band aren’t without balls when it comes to bringing the heavy hammer down like on ‘Schwarz’, ironically provided by the steely drum work of she cat Skoll. Formed in the mid 90s, Nachtblut are mainly centered in Central Europe where they’ve toured with the likes of Immortal, Sodom and Watain as well as playing a blinding array of German and Austrian festivals where their culturally stylized music and Germanic wit has no doubt been well received especially in pagan / black circles. “Chimonas” is the next step in their foray further afield and if want something more stronger than the Deutsch rock of Rammstein, then Nachtblut will undoubtedly chill your blood in the night.

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