NACHTGREIF “Dunkle Materie”

“Dunkle Materie”

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German band names are common in black metal. And this has the ring of a very black metal band name yet I suspect that this is as far away from black metal as you can get. But then the Germans are very good at playing really dark, romantic Goth so this might perhaps be of that sort. There is only one way to find out. NACHTGREIF mix 80s metal with Goth and they make it really interesting. The German lyrics are a dead giveaway that this is German but also the sound has a very clear German accent. This is the kinda stuff I expect to dance to at any German Goth club. Dark and romantic with razor sharp guitars and “Rosen Rot” keyboards. If you like me do remember the Goth bands of the 80s as well as all the 80s metal bands then this will work as well for you as it does for me. Anders Ekdahl

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