NACHTGRESHREI “Aus Schwärzester Nacht”

“Aus Schwärzester Nacht”
I get a very strange feeling that this is going to be something very German that you need to be German to understand. That this is going to be a journey into some very dark German forest and that we will end up a fate worse than Hansel & Gretel. But it did start on a melodic side of things. I feared that this would be all accordions and other medieval sounding instruments. That they would go all In Extremo on me. Or that it would be all Subway To Sally. But this is actually quite metal. That they sing in German is not a problem for me. I’ve stopped listening to the lyrics. The German lyrics actually add to the whole Hansel und Gretel feel I got from the album cover. This one turned out a big surprise. I like it a lot and will play this until my ears bleed. Anders

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