(Unmerciful Death)
For those of you who remember the interview I did with this band a while back you might remember the talk of an album. After some delays here it is. This one-woman black metal band’s album I’ve been looking forward to ever since that interview and now I get the chance hear it in its fullest. Don’t go expecting this to be any sort of weak feeble crappy music just because it is a woman behind the helms. You know what? It is 2013 and I get so tired of all the old stereotypes of women not belonging in metal that they should be buried way deeper than 6 feet and be forgotten by time. This is black metal the way it used to sound like before Dimmu Borgir went all symphonic on us. This is black metal for those of us that were into Darkthrone before they went all punk on us. This is raw, primitive and damn catchy black metal that deserves to be heard by all into extreme metal. Anders Ekdahl

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