NACOM “Crawling Human Souls”

”Crawling Human Souls”
I get some really cool futuristic vibes from this band. Perhaps not as futuristic as Fear Factory but still along that line of cool metal. But then again that could be wishful thinking from my side. But I don’t really care what kind of metal this is as long as it is cool metal. This is as far away from Fear Factory as you can get. Instead we are treated to an album of sort of death metal in that American way that Cannibal Corpse have made world famous, if slightly more twisted. This is at times some really heavy shit full of blast beats and a voice that makes the cookie monster seem tame. This is cool metal. That is for sure. It isn’t all thick and heavy the whole way through. There are tendencies of tech death metal too with melodies thrown in for good measure. This one turned out really cool. Anders Ekdahl

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