Nader Sadek – “Living Flesh”

Nader Sadek – “Living Flesh” (

Now this is different. Nader Sadek is neither a band nor a musician but an Egyptian born, NYC based artist (more popularly known for his set designs for Mayhem and Sunn O)))) who has assembled an elite of death / black musicians to give life (or death) to his “In The Flesh” project. Drafting in Flo Mounier (CRYPTOPSY); Rune Eriksen (AURA NOIR, AVA INFERI, ex-MAYHEM); Novy (ex-BEHEMOTH and ex-VADER); and Steve Tucker (ex-MORBID ANGEL) to not only write the bulk of the material but also play a show at the end of last year, Sadek has experimented with another medium for his society-obsessed-on-petrol theme, hence songs like ‘Petrophilia’, ‘Mechanic Idolatry’ and ‘Re:exhaust’. Musically it sounds equally different: not your standard gig but more of an art show with plenty of visuals and the drums at the front and the singers at the rear, the climax of which is Sadek gracing the stage to baptize the crowd in a black oily substance! Tucker, in his first and last live appearance for this project, is on fine form with his roaring guttural voice as is Eriksen’s raw guitar work, made all the more malevolent by Carmen Simões operatic backing vocals. Flo Mounier’s furious but precision drum work bring it all home and even more so on his solo following ‘Rusted Skin’. Despite the aggression there are plenty of quiet(er) passages and the whole album – despite being track edited – doesn’t detract from it’s live atmosphere. Quite the opposite in fact: you almost feel you are there amidst the blurring death while absorbing Sadek’s poignant message – true artistry.

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