NAILGUN “New World Chaos”

“New World Chaos”
I like it when a band doesn’t try too hard to find a description of their music and just settle calling it metal. It is simple and to the point. Nu fussing about having to try to decipher what the hell the band really mean. METAL. Need we know more really? I’m surprised to say so but I got a heavier Mustasch feel when I listen to this. A more metal version of that Swedish band’s music. But that aside this is metal that is melodic and with a really cool flow. I would even go as far as calling this modern heavy metal without being sarcastic. You get the feel of traditional metal but there is also something more to it. I’m not too down with the whole modern metal scene so I have no idea what bands operate in that genre but if they are as good as NAILGUN then I’ll be checking them out. Anders Ekdahl

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