Nanowar Of Steel – “Italian Folk Metal”

Nanowar Of Steel – “Italian Folk Metal” (Napalm Records)
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Following in the footsteps of Alestorm and Gloryhammer comes Nanowar Of Steel, famed for getting booted off Got Talent España and their 2019 Christmas song dedicated to Odin and IKEA! So if you’ve not worked it out, these Italians live to parody power metal, from their name which is a pun on Manowar and Rhapsody Of Fire, along with albums like “Stairway To Valhalla” and “Into Gay Pride Ride”. Satire aside though, the band have released 5 prior records and are pretty much a household name in Italy having been covered by mainstream newspapers such as La Repubblica. On top of that, they’ve gathered Italy’s crème de la creme for this album featuring guest appearances by Francesco Paoli (Fleshgod Apocalypse), Alessandro Conti (Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody) and Giada ‘Jade’ Etro (Frozen Crown) making it clear that Nanowar Of Steel are no joke band but can really f–king play! And it all becomes clear on ‘L’Assedio di Porto Cervo’ where a fast fiery folk fiddle dances its irresistible tune to an ultra-catchy mix of warrior roars and swashbuckling symphonies of double bass beats, booming choirs, operatic vocals and most of all, bunches of Italian swagger!! If that doesn’t hook you in, then try the even more addictive accordion metal of ‘Sulle Aliquote Della Libertà’ with its galloping Italian folk rhythms, melodies and harmonies as they spin and uplift you round and round driven by Uinona Raider’s hammering drums. With the energy of Abdul’s guitar humming in abundance on ‘Der Fluch des Kapt’n Iglo’, bassist Gatto Panceri 666 adds to his 4 string talents in taking the vocal lead to sing it in German while Potowotominimak and DJ Baffo give him a commendable Teutonic backing in their bierkeller singalong of the chorus as that deadly accordion joins in once again. Ending in the spaghetti bandstand western of ‘El baile de los Viejo que Mira las Obras’ Panceri 666 impressively switches his vocals into Spanish as Abdul continues to power in the riffs while dazzling with his scaling in building – accordion in tow – to the grand finale. Buffoonish, bombastic and with undoubted tongue in cheek bravado, Nanowar Of Steel have nevertheless clinched it on this ripper of an album!
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