(Unexploded Records)
I kinda expected something totally different from Nattsmyg than what I got. Instead of some jolly folk metal with violins and bagpipes or whatever folkish instruments this turned out to be so much darker and brooding than I ever expected. This is like being lost in the deep dark forest with only the stars as your guide and every troll and whatever that lurks in the woods coming out from their hidings. It’s like being trapped in an evil fairytale without any light at the end of the tunnel. Call the music folk/dark/black metal or whatever you want but this is so much more than just another folk metal album. This has a depth that is abyssic in magnitude. This is the kind of darkness I like in my music. You can really feel how the forest closes in on you and how the darkness is all around you. The paranoia starts to set in and you hear voices from all corners of the forest. It doesn’t get better than this. Anders Ekdahl

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