Neaera – “Ours Is the Storm”

Neaera – “Ours Is the Storm” (Metal Blade Records)

Hammering modern death metal from Germany! This is a veritable storm of an album: baroom bass, harsh pounding drums, heavy chundering riffs and a vocal mix of roaring meets screaming styles lays waste to songs like ‘Ascend To Chaos’, ‘Walk With Fire’ and ‘The Deafening’. Neaera’s key is the liberal use of intelligent guitar melodies that are added atop their furor which rather than temper it, create more of a definition to their material by giving it a catchy flavor. Quiet by nature, these five dudes certainly make a racket once they get going and with Tue Madsen at the helm, have been fully unleashed on this 6th album to the max complete with an even louder mix! A heavy touring band, I think Neaera have played 400+ shows in 25 countries as well as big festivals like With Full Force and Summer Breeze in their native Germany making them one of those wrecking machines that quietly roll in but leave a bombed wasteland in their wake!

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