NEBELKRÄHE “Lebensweisen”

I have no idea of the meaning behind this band’s name but I like the way it sounds. There is a rawness to it that tells me that this is going to be black metal. You can feel it just by saying the band’s name. What kind of black metal time will tell but black metal it will be most certainly. I liked Deathspell Omega from the moment I heard them. I even like their earlier stuff too. That to me is progressive. I don’t know if I’d describe NEBELKRÄHE’s black metal as progressive. To my ears this sounds like pretty much like most black metal I come upon. OK, I’ll give it that it do twist and turn a bit more than your Darkthrone or Burzum does but to call that progressive… well I guess that that could be progressive. This German lot has a sound to their black metal that I like. There is a rawness to it that cuts like a knife in my ears. I can feel how the blood sips down my neck from listening to this album. And that is the kind of black metal that I prefer the best. Anders Ekdahl

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