(Bindrune Recordings)
I’m the first to admit that I have no clues sometime what the hell the labels are on about. They can use the most fancy and literate description of their bands and it just flies over my head. Any literary ambitions might be totally lost on me. I didn’t fully get the description of Nechochwen’s previous album but I do remember that I liked what I heard. Now that it is time for a new album I hope that I will be left with the same kind of positive impression. It started promising. Hopefully I’d be in for a grand journey through a landscape so beautiful and vast that I’d be totally blinded. And it did continue in that fashion. But again this isn’t your typical metal album. There is a more subtle side to this, an almost progressive touch/side in all its acoustic splendor. If you liked Opeth’s soft album you’ll simply love this too. I find this a soothing break from modern life’s stress. Anders Ekdahl

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