NECROCURSE “Grip Of The Dead”

”Grip Of The Dead”
This is somewhat of a Swedish all star line-up with people from Runemagick and Nifelheim joining forces in creating some really cool old school metal. Not that it will differ that much from what they do in their day time bands but I really look forward to hearing this album. I think that this could very well be one of the highlights of 2013. When you stop thinking about what is and what isn’t old school and just write the music that you like you end up with “Grip Of The Dead”. With so much coolness collected in one band this was going to be anything but bad. And no, I’m not blinded by the member’s previous engagements. This is really cool metal in the death/black vein of a time when it wasn’t too important what metal you played, just that you weren’t a wimp or a poser. Anders Ekdahl

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