NECRODEATH ”The Age Of Dead Christ”

”The Age Of Dead Christ”
(Scarlet Records)

Battle Helm Rating

2018 NECRODEATH celebrates 33 years as a band. Jesus Christ was 33 when he was crucified. There is no coincidence with the album being titled the way it is. NECRODEATH is a classic Italian extreme metal band. I honestly don’t know what to tag them really. Because they were there before death or black was even a big thing. I guess they could be called thrash but only if it is really blackened thrash. I was there when they released their very first demo. A demo that later was released on 10” vinyl. So to hear a new NECRODEATH album in 2018 and one that sounds like they did back in the early days is a real high light for me. I haven’t always been the greatest friend of the band but I have always been supportive of the band and with this new album I wish them all the best because this is some really cool stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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