Battle Helm Rating

Back in 73 when this was originally released I was 3 years old. So it is no wonder that this little gem of British hardrock/metal history has gone by me unnoticed. But I am bloody thankful that this has finally been rereleased. There are ties to Black Sabbath in more ways that I care to mention but I’ll say this, if you like the sound of early 70s British hardrock you’ll love this as much as I do. This is one of these albums you didn’t think existed. Listening to this in 2017 makes me want to be 17 in 73 so that I could have stood on the barriers championing this release. Yes, I think that this is that bloody marvelous. I fell in love with it from the very first track, “Don’t Fall Down Frank” with it’s almost Ozzy-like vocals. When I listen to this is get vibes from much older albums, like Witchfynde’s debut “Give Em Hell” from 1980. Sure, it is easy to sit here in 2017 and say that this was ahead of its time but I do really believe so when I listen to this. Had it been released in 1980/81 this would have been a massive NWOBHM milestone. Now it is just a bloody great album. Anders Ekdahl

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