NECROMESSIAH “The Last Hope Of Humanity”

“The Last Hope Of Humanity”
(Punishment 18)
NECROMESSIAH have a name that says anything but bees and flowers. This has to be hate induced for it to work. Anything less and you’ll end up with a washed out and very tired album. As I know nothing about NECROMESSIAH I’m kinda looking forward to hear what they have to offer. This is like listening to Motorhead meeting Sodom meeting Impaled Nazarene in a very dark alley. The clashing of those three bands results in NECROMESSIAH. This is simple and very raw thrash (death?). I like early Motorhead, I love Sodom and I used to like Impaled Nazarene. Hearing NECROMESSIAH was like being put in blender and rolled around for an hour. You’re all sore when you get out of the blender but you want to ride it one more time. Anders Ekdahl

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