Necros Christos – “Nine Graves”


Necros Christos – “Nine Graves” (Sepulchral Voice Records / Ván Records)

“If I wait, the grave is mine house. Yea I have made my bed in the darkness.” The dark ones have returned. Now more occult and avant garde than before, these Berlin death metallers have brought it to the max on this mini album that invokes the very spirituality and mysticism that forms so much of their intense live show, not to mention their incredible music. Opening with an Indian sitar intro it’s almost like ‘Apocalypse Now’ before the crushing massive of ‘Black Bone Crucifix’ possesses you body and soul as Mors Dalos Ra’s savage, growling vocals transfix you while his guitar (now joined by The Evil Reverend N’s) brings forth occult black riffs and dark, exotic melodies on songs like the re-recorded yet totally re-arranged ‘Baptized By The Black Urine Of The Deceased’ leaving nothing to the imagination! In between these brooding monsters comes peace and tranquility in the form of eastern interludes like the traditional Persian folk of ‘Gates’. The contrast is nothing short of mesmerizing. Musically, Necros Christos take influences from early Morbid Angel but equally there are occult heavy metal elements like Angel Witch not to mention Mercyful Fate’s early occult thrash. Added to that comes their deeply spiritual, religious and philosophical beliefs taken from the ancient east ranging from Jewish mysticism to Egyptian beliefs as well as Indian arts and studies. Together they make a captivating package combining a mind body experience that opens the soul to hear their word – that death metal’s time is at hand, beyond borders, beyond skin colors and ultimately no boundaries – so amen to that.

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