NECROSADIST “Abstract Satan”

“Abstract Satan”
(Daemon Worship)
I’ve found a new favourite record label in Daemon Worship. So many cool and great black metal/death metal acts under one roof. Necrosadist is another one of these black metal acts that I’ve come to discover thanks to the label. I seem to return to my 80s demo scene all too often whenever a new necro black metal release comes my way but that is what I feel like when I listen to “Abstract Satan”. It’s like the time when I discovered Blasphemy and thought they were crap simply because they didn’t fit into my death metal frame of mind. Necrosadist are raw and primitive in a non-retro way. Chaotic and uncontrollable like a tornado. This is black metal in some of its most primitive form. And I’ve come a long way since that Blasphemy incident to realise that primitive can also be good. There is a charm to this album that is hard to resist if you like chaotic necro black metal. Anders Ekdahl

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