NECROT “Into The Labyrinth”

“Into The Labyrinth”
(Blood Divine)
I remember liking NECROT’s previous release. I hope I still do so after having heard this one because I remember them to be some really cool Swedeath influenced metal. And seeing that I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff I really hope that this will give me my fix this week. And this is just as good as I remembered them to be last time around. This is death metal for those of us who like and can’t get enough of Autopsy and Nihilist. If you like your death metal dark and murky with a sound right out of a new and fresh grave then this is the stuff for you. I know it is for me. No matter how many acts come my way I can’t get enough of this sound. This is deeply embedded in my genes by now. Anders Ekdahl

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