(Blood Divine)
Back in the 80s the biggest threat to album sales was (allegedly) home taping. Home taping was killing music or so it was told. The truth was something completely different and nothing like the illegal downloading we see today. I was never much for tapes back then. My biggest issue was that I couldn’t tell which track I was on when I listened to it. Fast forward to 2012. Nowadays I kinda feel that tapes are cool. I’ve bought more tapes in 2011/12 than I did in the previous 30 years. Necrot from San Francisco have released a two track tape that is full of old school death metal the way it was played back when we tape traded. This is death metal in the Autopsy/Nihilist school. Dark, murky and heavy like hell. This is death metal that will never ever leave my system. I’m hooked for life on this kind of death. And it’s not a trip down nostalgia avenue. This is ten minutes of death metal hell. Anders Ekdahl

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