NECROTIC DISGORGEMENT “Documentaries Of Dementia”

“Documentaries Of Dementia”
If this bands sing about the birds and the bees I’ll buy a hat and I’ll eat it without ketchup. This just got to be some of the gorier variant of death metal that is around. Just from the band’s name you can tell that this will ooze pus. If you are easily offended you should stay away from this as it truly follows in the footsteps of the great Cannibal Corpse’s writing style. The Gorier the better seem to be NECROTIC DISGORGEMENT’s motto. There are no taboos left to dissect. Everything goes and nothing is sacred or holy. And while perhaps not as hard’n’heavy as Cannibal Corpse this is still evil enough to appeal to all death metal fanatics with a penchant for blood’n’guts. Anders Ekdahl

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