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Battle Helm Rating

There are times when I feel a total NEED 2 DESTROY. I think we all got that feeling every now and then. I hope that listening to this album will take away some of that urge to destroy. Or it might be totally opposite. Maybe I want to destroy even more after having heard this one. We’ll have to see. I am not a great fan of Sepultura from “Chaos AD “ and forward. The last album I can tolerate moderately is that Sepultura album. from there on, and with Soulfly I really have to force myself to like it. It have an easier time with Soulfly than with Sepultura. I get that same kinda vibe from NEED 2 DESTROY. This is not really my kinda metal. sure, it grooves really well but there is still something missing for me to go totally bananas over it. But perhaps this is one of those albums that need time to grow on you. Anders Ekdahl

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