NEFARIOUS “The Universal Wrath”

“The Universal Wrath”
(Cold Dimensions)
I thought I knew of Nefarious but I realised that I got them confused with Nefandus and any other band name that starts with Nef. This is black metal in the more symphonic end of the line. There is a Satyricon feel to it in the tempo and atmosphere but there the similarities end. Or not. The more I listen the more I can’t shake the feeling that Nefarious have taken a lesson or two from Satyricon’s latter albums on how to structure the music. Nothing wrong with that. I like a groove to my music, even if it is black metal. And groove this does. From having known nothing about the band (I thought it would be something completely different) to now being acquainted with the band and actually liking it (no, I’m not apologizing for liking it) in just a mere spin. Cool! Anders Ekdahl

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