Neil Morse – “Momentum”

Neil Morse – “Momentum” (InsideOut Music)

2012 has been a busy year for the ex Spock’s Beard multi instrumentalist / vocalist – and then some! Not only has he managed to come up with this superb neo prog album but simultaneously during the same studio sessions also managed a separate album of covers! “Momentum” is the former and certainly doesn’t lack it: along with long time collaborators Mike Portnoy and Randy George, Morse has recruited some fresh talent in Brazilian guitarist Adson Sodré, whose fluid guitar work is on par with his older peers, whose own musicianship is breathtaking! Right from the off with ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ to ‘Weathering Sky’ this is unashamed prog glory from classic quirky riffs to funky bass runs to dextrous technical drumming – and not forgetting Morse’s own monumental keyboards that reflect the full prog range from organ to space rock to atmospheric! But nothing, absolutely nothing can prepare you for the spectacular closer ‘World Without End’ – a 33 minute six part song that is nothing short of epic. I guess if prog could be defined musically, then this track would do it not just in its breath, but also the differing styles of prog it covers. And if that still wasn’t enough, Morse (a born again Christian) adds the icing on his fabulous cake with immortal lyrics like ‘..Jesus, you loved him once / when you were little/ but now can’t play second fiddle / for some pie in the sky..’ ! Revel in the pomp and majesty that is “Momentum”!!!

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