NEKROSITY ”Void Gazer”

”Void Gazer”
(Growls From The Underground)

Battle Helm Rating

NEKROSITY is the kind of name that you feel you have heard a thousand times before yet cannot really place. I can for a fact tell that I have not had any sort of encounter with this band prior to this CD. Or have I? That is the conundrum that is my brain. I have no bloody clue what I have or have not heard. It is like my brain froze to a halt when the 80s turned 90s and everything from there on is a haze. But enough about my messed up brain and more about this Swedish band’s music. I gotta admit that I kinda expected this to be much more black metal than it did turn out. This is death metal of the brutal kind. The kind that you get when you mix Morbid Angel with Behemoth. And as always I love this. I don’t really know how much I miss out on stuff like this until I do get to hear it again. There is nothing like brutal death metal to get my heart pumping. As much as I do love other kinds of metal this is my on e true extreme metal love. This album turned out to be a new fave. Really cool stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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