Battle Helm Rating

I am a metalhead through and through, meaning that I like everything that is metal, or metal related. I only add to my likings, I don’t take away anything. So when I say that I love this or that style of metal I really mean what I say. But that doesn’t mean that I love all sorts of metal equally. I am not that kinda guy. Some I have a harder time understanding and liking. Like djent for example. Or math metal/core. With that in mind I thought I would have a hard time liking Finnish NEORHYTHM but once I started to listen to this I found it to not be as complicated as I had thought. This do move in strange circles but you don’t have to be out of your mind to follow them. This is heavy, groovy and a bit hardcore-ish. I don’t really know what to compare them to but if you like your metal a bit complicated yet heavy as fuck you should check this out. They did surprise me. Anders Ekdahl

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