NEPHELIUM “Coils Of Entropy”

“Coils Of Entropy”
Metal from the Middle East isn’t my everyday meal. Nephelium might reside in Canada now but they have their roots in the Middle East. In a place like the Emirates being a metalhead could be an everyday struggle with the authorities. But that struggle could also act as fuel for creating some of the m most vicious metal ever heard. Nephelium’s “Coils of Entropy” might only be six songs long but I can promise you that after those six you need a breather. This is death metal the brutal and heavy way. While being Canadian there is a very American expression to Nephelium’s death metal. More of a New York heaviness than anything else. Think Suffocation. Or don’t think at all. Just let yourself be indulged in this heavy death metal extravaganza that is “Coils Of Entropy”. Anders Ekdahl

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