Neptune – “Prelude To Nothing”


Neptune – “Prelude To Nothing” (Earthquake Terror Noise)

If you’re a fan of early In Flames then you’re gonna love this!!! Formed at the turn of the century in Verona these guys have taken their time to solidify a strong line-up especially in the guitar dept, building up step by step firstly to their “Synth -breed” demo in 2002 which was followed by a lot’ve gigs including a show at Metalcamp (Slovenia) before issuing their debut “Perfection And Failure” in 2004. In 2008 their sophomore “Acts Of Supremacy” was released before moving onto this album, which seems to have simpler structures in the songs, but are more hard hitting incorporating aggressive Hatebreed elements as well as modern metal guitar melodies and mellocore vocal harmonies. Nevertheless the band’s core melo death sound remains with driving power melodies from guitarists Mattia Filippi and Claudio Giacometti propelling fast n furious songs like ‘Of Courage And Honor’, ‘Last Silent Riot’ and ‘Rampage Of Vengeance’. Over the top of this comes Mattia Nidini’s hoarse, straining vocals backed by a tight, snapping rhythm that lends a modern and suave commercial touch putting Neptune high in the ranks of Italian bands with strong international potential.

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