NERVOCHAOS “Nyctophilia”


Battle Helm Rating

Brazil is so much more than rain forests and scantily bikini clad ladies on Copacabana. It is also so much more than just Sepultura when it comes to metal. Yeah, I know I made the cardinal sin and mentioned the S band but honestly, how many bands from Brazil can you name on you ten fingers? NERVOCHAOS is a band that has been harbouring in my conscious for a while but I haven’t come round to checking them out until now with this new album. This is thrash metal with that chugga chugga feel. Add to that the growly vocals and you get a really aggressive piece of thrash. There is nothing nice or cozy about this album. it is a nasty piece of metal that will appeal to everybody in for a bit of extreme metal. I really like this chugga chugga. Anders Ekdahl

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