Nervochaos – “The Art of Vengeance”


Nervochaos – “The Art of Vengeance” CD / DVD (Greyhaze Records)

Brazil’s Nervochaos have been going since the mid 90s with their blend of old school black / death / thrash – and everything in between! Typically raw and aggressive like the lethal anaconda that is native to their country, Nervochaos wrap their coils around you in a deadly embrace and slowly but surely begin to crush you into ecstatic oblivion. From Guiller’s mixture of bestial growling vocals to throat spat lyrics and death grunts chucked in, the band follow suite employing Sepps style fast thrashola on the one hand, whilst ably shifting into grim, heavy riffs on the other, along with some surprises from hardcore shout outs, modern squeaking guitars to even some groove melodies here n there! Now onto their sixth full length release, Nervochaos have clearly come a long way in their career, not just sticking to one style, but offering intelligent variety in songs like ‘What is Dead May Never Die‘, ‘Rotten Moralismo‘ and ‘For Passion Not Fashion’, all ably backed by Felipe and Edu’s precision and unflagging rhythm that whatever the style at hand, always remains heavy! With some slick production behind it, “The Art of Vengeance” takes the best of the old school from Slayer to Agnostic Front to Extreme Noise Terror (to name but a few) and packs them into the 12 tracks on this devastating release, which includes a bonus DVD featuring a documentation of the band’s latest tour. Nervochaos are atypical of the Brazilian scene although underground is where they’re at and want to be remaining both both destructive and addictive!

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