Nervosa – “Victim Of Yourself”


Nervosa – “Victim Of Yourself” (Napalm Records)

Wow – ball kicking old school thrash played by Badass Brazilian Babes!!! Taking inspiration from the legendary power trios in metal, guitarist Prika Amaral found two other amazons in Fernanda Lira (bass / vocals) and drummer Pitchu Ferraz, taking influence not only from early Sepultura but also owing as much to old school bands in both the North American and European scenes like Cannibal Corpse and Sodom. The result is a band that can not only mix it musicianship wise with the boys but also punches just as hard – no gentleman’s rules here – and that’s just the way these feisty gals want it! With vocals that at times even sound like a dude shredding his larynx, there’s no let up of smashing drums mit heaps of double bass and razor riffing a plenty on chopping songs like ‘Nasty Injury’, ‘Morbid Courage’ and ‘Victim Of Yourself’. Complete with a catchy neck breaking beat, expect no mercy on the strength of this impressive debut from Nervosa who clearly have a goal of becoming the most feared all female band in history – no wonder Max Cavalera is a fan!!!

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