NETHER “Between Shades And Shadows”

“Between Shades And Shadows”
(Art Gates Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Back in the 80s Belgium was place full of cool metal bands. I found many bands that still to this day are fave ones. But as metal kept growing in the rest of the world it seemed to come to a halt in Belgium. Or at least it felt that way. But there are and have always been cool metal bands. You just have to look a bit harder for them these days. NETHER is an album debuting black metal entity that I am looking forward to hearing. Melodic black metal might sound like an oxymoron. And to be quite honest I don’t hear too much melody in the first track. Instead I hear a full on black metal assault worthy of Immortal. But then again I am not too certain what melodic black metal is. There is a 90s Norwegian feeling to this that I like. And especially that Immortal vibe. A really cool black metal album. Anders Ekdahl

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