The Norwegian metal scene is as impressive as the Swedish or the Finnish yet still completely different. We get bands from Norway that we wouldn’t see in Finland or Sweden. Don’t know how I feel about it. Most other folks seem to think it the best new thing since sliced bread but I don’t know if that is their true feelings or if they are out for easy cred points. I’ll let NettleCarrier decide that for me. This is black metal the Norwegian way. Harsh and cold like a winter night in the fjells. This is the kind of metal we’ve come to associate Norway with. You gotta love it. This is as classic black metal as Mayhem’s eponymous album from way back in the nineties. That they are being hyped by all doesn’t matter to me. When it is good it is good no matter who says so. And this is good black metal in the necro style. Anders Ekdahl

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