NEVBORN “Five Horizons”

“Five Horizons”
(Hummus Records)
I’m not much for this whole post label that seems to be tagged on so much stuff these days. Post what? When you label yourself post you put more pressure on yourself to be so much better than anything that has already been created. Just being different isn’t enough to be post. But that is my humble opinion. NEVMORE are a hardcore band that is being described as post. And I buy it that this might not be your average hardcore sound. To my ears they sound like a couple of Swedish bands that I don’t remember the name of . NEVMORE work with different shades of anger and despair in their sound. They go from the harsh to the somber in the blink of an eye. I gotta admit that the Swede in me really likes this. There is a melancholic touch to this that appeals to me. Anders Ekdahl

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