NIAMH “Corax”

(Ghost Label)

Battle Helm Rating

When I tried looking for info on this band I found a female artist that was being hailed as the next great thing. And as much as I hope that she was the one behind this album as much I realized that she wasn’t. This is an Italian band alternative metal band. Not that I really know what that means and even though I am a bit of a stickler for genres I have lately loosened up on being stuck in compartments. So it is with that renewed sense of listening that I take on this album. Some might feel that this owes a great deal to bands like System Of A Down and Korn but when I hear stuff like this my mind wanders towards bands like Mindfunk, Primus and even MrBungle. I even hear a bit of Linkin Park in it. But that is me. But you find NIAMH at the quirkier end of things. Much twisting and turning. But to my greatest surprise I find myself liking this. Not that it will go on my top five “must listen to daily” list but it doesn’t hurt my ears. Anders Ekdahl

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