Nidingr – “Greatest Of Deceivers”

Nidingr – “Greatest Of Deceivers” (Indie Records)

Norway’s Nidingr are the veritable super group in every sense comprised of members of Mayhem, Gorgoroth, Dødheimsgard, 1349 and God Seed. Musically, it lives up to its name being conventional black metal at its base but straying into the intense pagan metal more recently fashioned by the likes of Primordial. Metallic, clanging guitars, intense riffing and hoarse, throat strained vocals govern the likes of songs like ‘O Thou Empty God’, ‘Rags Upon A Beggar’ and ‘The Worm Is Crowned’. Main man guitarist Teloch does a fine job of conveying a dark and sombre atmosphere on the material which for the most part reflects the inner pain of one’s soul on this charged album that pulls no punches!

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