NIEGE ET NOIRCEUR “Hymnes De La Montagne Noire”

“Hymnes De La Montagne Noire”
(Sepulchral Productions)
I’ve only read great things about Neige et Noirceur. Well. I’ve only read good things about that whole Qubecois black metal scene that seems to be going on in that region. I get the same kinda feeling I got when Necropolis Records was in business. That there is something bigger going on than just another black metal label releasing albums. Sepulchral Productions might very well be the 21st century Necropolis Records. Given that I’ve only heard two of their releases so far it might be too soon to scream in joy but Neige et Noirceur have a grim and raw sound going on that give me an old school horror movie kind of feeling listening to “Hymnes De La Montagne Noire”. Sitting in my urban flat I’m transported out of my mind and into a dark and disturbing place that I only want to escape from. There is something claustrophobic about Neige et Noirceur’s music that appeals to me. Anders Ekdahl

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